Cruise and Vacation Tips

Understanding Cruise Pricing

The Advertised Cruise Price can be very misleading. The Price you Pay may not be anything like the Price you saw advertised. The Price of Your Cruise has three basic components; the fare, the port fees, and the taxes. Sometimes the fare and port fees are combined. The Advertised Price may look great only to find out it was Fare Only!

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Understanding All-Inclusive Resorts

All Inclusive typically means the airfare, hotel, and all food and drink is included. Across the Caribbean Adults means Adults Only but also identifies the resort as having International branded Liqueur. The same brand but not an Adults Only Resort may only have local Liqueur.

If you see European it means continental breakfast only. Many resorts in the Southern Caribbean charge an additional fee for the All-Inclusive package.


All-Inclusive resort deals

Understanding Travel Protection

Travel Protection is sometimes referred to as travel insurance. This can provide only for some losses while on the trip; examples include baggage, personal items, medical, itinerary change, and medical evacuation. The premium is often inexpensive. You can cover the Cruise, Tour, or Vacation if you have to Cancel for Medical Reasons, or if you Cancel for Any Reason. Cancellation coverage gets more expensive.

Some people think the socialized medicine in some countries will take care of them, maybe but call the embassy in Washington and ask. I bet they will not fly you home if you need a medical flight to get back.  

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Understanding How to Get the Best Price or Value

Do you want the Best Price or the Best Value? You can get the Best Price and get no customer service, zip, zero, none. At Sunshine Travel by Tim we work hard to get you a Great Price and a Cruise or Dream Vacation that will give you and your Family a Lifetime of Memories.

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We Get You Good Deals Year Around with our Fare Watch, Loyalty Cruise Perks, and Sunshine Money; typically you will be price protected till final payments have been made!

Loyalty Cruise Perks

Understanding ID and Passport Requirements

You can Cruise the Caribbean from a US Port with a Government issued ID and a Birth Certificate. But if you have to walk, fly, or drive back you will need a Passport! Don't take a chance!

The Best Way to find out about a US Passport is at Travel.State.Gov.

Be sure and Learn About the Country You are Visiting on this site. Look for Alerts and Warnings, for Passport Validity, Medical Information, and other Important Information. Sign Up for STEM, sign up for Twitter and Text  Alerts in the areas you will be. Put the US Embassy Contact Informaiton in Your Phone!

Passport and Visa Information

Age and Pregnancy Restrictions

Often People may not think about Age and Pregnancy Restrictions. You may not be able to board if 7 Months Pregnant. Babies must be 6 months old and on longer cruises babies must be 12 months old.

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